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Kristanna Loken
Kristanna Sommer Loken was born on 8th October 1979 at Ghent, New York. Right from her childhood this towering blonde beauty had dreams of making something big in life. So she followed her mother footsteps and began her career in the world of modeling.

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Her next dreams was to get into the Hollywood and she put her first step by appearing as `Dani Andropolous` in the year 1994. The next couple of years she appeared on the TV series `Unhappily Ever After` as `Sable O`Brien`. The next four years saw Kristanna follow with the same number of TV series before she made it big with the appearance in `Panic` in the year of 2001.

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Kristanna has also starred in movies like `Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines` and now she is one of the big names in Hollywood. From this film she has achieved a whole lot of publicity and world wide exposure.

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As a model and actress Kristanna Loken has done wonderfully for the last few years and although she has often made claims that after her modeling and acting career are over she will take up archaeology as the career but everyone expects her to stay around a lot longer in Hollywood because things have gone positive for her right from the begining. It can be said confidently that its only the start of a great acting career.

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