American Pit Bull Photos Best

American Pit Bull Terrier Best Photos
American Pit Bull Terrier Best Photos
American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is one of the oldest races that are native dog breeds (original dog), this breed has some advantages compared with other types of races, as for the advantages possessed of the greatest power compared to other races, resistant to pain, unyielding nature, stable temperament.

The excess is obtained from the ancestral American pit bull formerly used as fighting dogs. APBT ancestors who competed with fellow dog or a bull (bull baiting) and bear (bear baiting) will inevitably require APBT ancestors to adapt to the situation. adaptations made by the ancestors makes ancestry APBT have the traits that is almost like his ancestors. Because today pitted dogs are prohibited, then to know the basic properties of the APBT is used in various ways by holding the rope drag race, drag race etc.

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